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Children from the School Grace of Lord, Rubaga District, Kampala, Uganda – June 2007
Grace of Lord is one of the partner schools of KIN (Kids In Need), one of ILO/IPEC’s implementing agencies in Uganda. Many of the children that are withdrawn or prevented from entering child labour are sent to this school. More than half of the children are HIV/AIDS orphans and at high risk or being trapped into child labour. Being kept in school remains the best prevention against the worst forms of child labour (i.e. prostitution, slave domestic labour, etc.). Uganda’s education policy UPE (universal primary education) makes primary education free for all but children can only attend provided that they have the required scholastic materials: shoes, uniform, pens, and notebooks, which, as minor a requirement it may seem, can be a major obstacle to education.
In order to avoid child labour, KIN has been implementing a scheme meant to assist vulnerable women (HIV/AIDS-positive widows with children) in developing income-generating activities, so that they can provide food, clothing and scholastic materials for their children. On the field visits I was particularly impressed by the incredible potential of these women: their creativity, their courage, their unwavering hope and faith in life…
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