Rabbit Island, Kep

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For the first time in eight months, we finally took a trip to the coast of Cambodia, in the South. We stayed in a small bamboo bungalow. We took a boat to the Rabbit Island and stayed for the whole day. In the morning: relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming. In the afternoon: a hike around the island (which turned out to be much longer and tiresome than expected)

Delicious seafood meals, beautiful views, quiet and peaceful moments made a wonderful weekend!

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Milia 12/02/2009 10:38

Mais nous avons vaincu les forces de la nature !

manu 12/02/2009 10:16

qq details sur le tour de l ile: il a fallu affronter les marais d algues, les ecueils pointus, le soleil de plomb, sans eau (ni biere), les crabes tueurs, les cannibales, les tigres mechants mechants... et j en passe. tout ca dans un labyrinthe sans fin. j ai cru qu on y arriverait JAMAIS :))

Milia 12/02/2009 02:07

T'as l'oeil dis donc! J'avais pas remarque!

Fab 11/02/2009 17:16

J'aime bien la photo de l'embarcation qui arbore fièrement le drapeau cambodgien :D