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One month has gone by: "Waow...I can't believe it. The first Black President in the White House. The President of the most powerful nation in the World is Black."

We had a dream forty years ago. And it is partly coming true today. Another symbolic step was made on December 4th. The same that was made when a Black woman sat in a bus only meant for Whites. The same that was made when a Black student could enter the most prestigious university. And the same that was made by Obama's parents 50 years ago, a White woman and Black man, when they decided to unite and have a baby together, regardless of color, ethnicity, and race. This baby alone embodies change and hope. The hope that one day, Barack Obama will not be seen as Black. And when that day comes, the World will truly have changed. The day when people will no longer see the color of the skin, and not just pretend to be color-blind. But this will not happen overnight. It will take as many meaningful steps to come to that.

We see within him the embodiment of hope for a brighter future that has eluded generations of ancestors who had to endure enslavement, second-class citizenship and institutional racism. But most importantly we see in him the embodiment of hope, that one day, individuals will not be imprisonned in an identity defined by race, color, and ethnicity anymore. And it is starting, slowly, to change. So let's celebrate this fact, and not just on election day.

* * *

Mais n'oublions pas que le jour ou Barack Obama ne sera plus noir, le monde aura vraiment changé.

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