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After one month spent without speaking a word of Khmer I had forgotten almost everything...I got so depressed about the idea. But Channa, my Khmer teacher invited me to a picnic with her and her sister, Channi in Kien Svay, a hot spot for Cambodians. We bought our lunch from the dozens of stalls selling grilled, fried, boiled, smoked, dried fish, chicken, pork, duck, frogs, eggs, crickets, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and sat on one of some hundred bamboo huts over the water. Obviously I chose the wrong outfit for the occasion as sitting crossed-legged in a skirt isn't practical or elegant at all. The meal wasn't that delicious but the atmosphere nice and relaxed. We also did a short boat trip on the Mekong, and debated about whether being tanned of not being tanned.

Intense concentration while preparing the food

On the way there and back, as I hadn't quite recovered my level of Khmer - and as Channa and Channi don't speak English - they decided to sing (national hobby)! So we sang :)
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