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Open your eyes.

I didn't really know what to expect from this movie: not a documentary, not a fiction film, not a musical, not a theatre play, then what? A delight for your eyes, ears, and soul.

Images unfold, speaking to the viewer. They tell humour, spleen, suspense, and drama. A singular atmosphere and special flavours depict the beauty of life. Dogora is a film to be contemplated, so open your eyes. And your ears. It is a musical symphony in images, or images on a musical symphony. The insistent music by Etienne Perruchon transports you throughout the flow of colours. Patrice Leconte films Cambodia as it is. It shows its children, women and men performing their daily lives, he films the unexpected, the unusual, but also routine gestures, positions, and activities. No need for dialogs, no need for narration. It is beauty in itself.

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