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Darwin’s Nightmare. A real nightmare indeed…And a wonderful piece of work. This is real life, with its ugliest sides, but also with so much beauty and strength. Powerful and genuinely authentic. I love Sauper’s style. His very subtle and elusive subjectivity. I didn’t take this film as one of the numerous attempts to depict the darkest side of Africa, but rather as a challenge: showing the reality with no pity. Raw, crude, brutal. 

Is it about fish? About an environmental scandal? About street children? About arm smuggling? About HIV/AIDS? Prostitution? Globalisation? Take it the way you want, analyse it as you please, be against it, be for it, but watch it and speak about it. No matter what you say. Bad critics are still reactions and much better than indifference.  

New York Times film review, debates surrounding the film

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